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Welcome to Fantage Dolly!
The Main Owners of this blog are Alex, Izzy, Tas and Jenny!
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1. No advertising. (Immediate ban)

2. No spamming.
3. Owners/moderators, do not abuse your powers.
4. No inappropriate links, images, doodles etc.
5. No posing as someone else.
6. Don't give out anyone's personal information or photos without consent.
You are responsible for the information you share about yourself.
7. Fantagians, don't complain about hackers/scammers.
8. Do not ask to be a moderator/owner/main.

Don't argue with the owners/mod; It just makes matters worse.

Photo Album

Some of our fantastic Dollians doing a Fashion Show! With two owners: Jenny and Alex! 

A Dollian meet up! With an Owner : Alex!

Erin and I, Hippee Time <3

                                Erin, Val, Sneaker, Jenny, Justin, Tas and Alex just having fun

                                                      Welcome To Fantage Dolly!!
                                                                     We're celebrities!

 Oh no! I hope we dont drown! :D
 Is that a flying cow??
 Ooo La La, Everything is romantic in le paris!

Quick meet-up! 


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